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Book Id: 21mcm01658

Price: $18.84

Title: PARADISE KISS Vol 4 by Ai Yazawa Sc MANGA ROMANCE COMIC 2003 USA Printing

Author: Ai Yazawa translated by Shirley Kubo ISBN 1591821088

Publisher: Tokyopop, LA, Tokyo, London, 2003, reprint, printed in USA, 8 sections following Stages 31 thru 38.

Condition:Straight and tight in Good Condition with mild edgewear and no inscriptions.

Description: International shojo superstar Ai Yazawa brings you high fashion and hot passion ! The High School fashion show takes it's toll on the Paradise Kiss crew.

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Book Id: 01af01657

Price: $24.45

Title: The Childhood of Jesus by J M Coetzee 2013 FIRST EDITION Hc Dj

Author: J M Coetzee, winner of the Booker Prize (Twice) and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2003

Publisher: Text Publishing, Melbourne, Australia,2013, First Edition, hardcover 8vo with Dj, ISBN 9781922979701

Condition:Crisp brown hardcover with gilded title to spine, no inscriptions, TIGHT, WHITE & CLEAN, in Very Good Condition.

Description: A novel about childhood, destiny and about being an outsider. Davis is a small boy who has come by boat across the ocean to a new country without his parents.

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Book Id: 01af01656

Price: $22.40

Title: The Goldseekers by William Stuart Long volume VII (7) of The Australians Series. aka Vivian Stuart

Author: William Stuart Long also known as Vivian Stuart

Publisher: Doubleday, Sydney, 1985 FIRST EDITION, map, family tree, notes, 379pp.

Condition:In GOOD CONDITION with no inscriptions, the dust jacket has a slight wearing at top near corner (see scan), slight age-toning to robust pages.

Description: An historical fiction, book seven of a well-known series of books THE AUSTRALIANS. In it, the tale turns to a major turning point in Australian History, the Gold Rush of the 1850s.

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Book Id: 02anf01655

Price: $24.65

Title: NORTH AND ALOFT A personal memoir of service and adventure with the Royal Flying Doctor Service Timothy Joseph O'Leary

Author: Dr Timothy Joseph O'Leary CBE, RFDS.

Publisher: Amphion Press, Department of Child Health, University of Queensland, Royal Children's Hospital Brisbane, Q 1988 FIRST EDITION.

Condition:An illustrated hardcover with no inscriptions, in Very Good Condition. 180 pages with mild fox-spotting to endpapers.

Description: Dr Timothy O'Leary became the RFDS's Medical Officer in Charters Towers in 1953. With great energy and enthusiasm he expanded the medical cover in the Peninsula.This tells of his trials and tribulations, successes and tragedies. Published posthumously.

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Book Id: 14ca01654

Price: $34.30

Title: RAILWAYS AT WORK 1952 issued by Department of Railways, New South Wales, Australia 48 pages B/W RAIL PHOTOS 40s ERA RARE

Author: issued by the Department of Railways, NSW, Public Relations section, Sydney, 3rd impression July 1952, first published July 1947 RARE

Publisher: is48 pages, text and b/w photos on almost every page issued by the Department of Railways, NSW, public relations section, Sydney, 1952 HARD TO FIND

Condition:A softcover bound with 2 staples, the cover shows some slight separation, in GOOD CONDITION note : !!!!!! CONTACT US FOR CHEAPER POSTAGE: THIS BOOK IS SUITABLE FOR LETTER RATE !!!!!!!

Description: Sydney Central, Darling Harbour, Enfield, Drivers, City Underground, Power Stations, Booking Offices, Advertising, Workshops, Headquarters Offices, Engines, Railstock and so much more. A detailed expose of NSW RAIL in the 1940s. RARE

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Book Id: 14ca01653

Price: $Not for sale


Author: Edited by Susan Wyndham, pieces by Barbalet, Baum, Keneally, Duncan, Borrowclough, Garner, Savige, Heyman, Marr, Rice, Sayer, Wyndham, Windsor & Neil.

Publisher: Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2013, First Edition, softcover, biographical essays on losing a parent by Australian writers.

Condition:Crisp softcover with signatures to prelims, in VERY GOOD CONDITION - SIGNED by three contributors to the collection, SUSAN WYNDHAM, THOMAS KENEALLY & DAVID MARR

Description: Biographical essays by Barbalet, Baum, Keneally, Duncan, Borrowclough, Garner, Savige, Heyman, Marr, Rice, Sayer, Wyndham, Windsor & Neil on the losing of parents.

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Book Id: 21mcm01652

Price: $Not for Sale

Title: Adventures into the Unknown No.160 ACG Gripping Tales of Suspense ! Oct-Nov 1965 featuring NEMESIS 32pp. SILVER ERA

Author: NEMESIS Story by Shane O'Shea and art by Chic Stone. Born Failure : Story Ace Aquila, Art Johnny Craig

Publisher: American Comics Group No. 160 Oct-Nov 1965

Condition:In GOOD PLUS CONDITION with intact staples and very minor edge wear. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A BETTER POSTAGE PRICE !!!

Description: Adventures into the Unknown issue 160 that came out in 1965.Featuring a character called Nemesis plus other sci-fi,horror and Fantasy stories. When buying this item please contact us first for an cheaper letter rate mail cost.

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Book Id: 03an01651

Price: $22.61

Title: TREES of AUSTRALIA by Peter Krisch Green Guide to Tree Identification and Research 2015 New Release

Author: Peter Krisch for The Australian Green Guides. Other Guides include : Insects, Spiders, Frogs, Snakes, Birds, Parrots, Mammals, Sharks and Rays.

Publisher: New Holland Publishers, London & Sydney, 2015, First Edition

Condition:NEW !! Illustrated softcover 8vo in very good condition. NEW

Description: Evolution, Conifers, Eucalypts, Paperbarks, Tea Trees, Bottlebrushes, Proteas, Banksias, Grevilleas, Wattles, Acacias, Casurinas, She-Oaks, Rainforests, Identification, Index.

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Book Id: 14ca01649

Price: $34.60

Title: Men and Thought in Modern History by Professor Ernest Scott, University of Melbourne 1920 Sc (Sydney Uni Tutorial copy).

Author: Ernest Scott, Professor of History in the University of Melbourne. First Australian Edition

Publisher: Macmillan & Co., Melbourne 1920, printed by The Speciality Press, Melbourne,24 chapters, b/w portrait plates,

Condition:Cloth-bound softcover with title to spine and front cover, University of Sydney cancelled Tutorial Classes stamp to endpapers, STRAIGHT ROBUST & TIGHTLY BOUND in GOOD CONDITION. A good copy of an invaluable study of 24 men and their contribution.

Description: includes news cutting 1945 re Rousseau. Chapters on Voltaire, Napoleon, Metternich, Blanc, Palmerstoun, Mazzini, Mill, Durham, Lincoln, Marx, Cobden, Darwin, Spenser, Bismarck, Gambetta, Gladstone, Disraeli, Chamberlain, Tolstoy, Arnold, Wilson & Wells.

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Book Id: 14ca01648

Price: $24.40

Title: Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science REPORT of 29th Meeting August 1952 Hc 384pp.

Author: Honorary Editor : J F Kefford MSc FACI and many contributors including Sir Douglas Copeland, P M Hasluck, K S Cunningham, V J Chapman and many others

Publisher: ANZAAS, Sydney University, Sydney 1953, hardcover with illustrations, fold-out charts, by-laws, Assn. details etc.

Condition:Crisp blue cloth-bound hardcover, bound by A H Pettifer, Government Printer, STURDY, INTACT, STRAIGHT & CLEAN in GOOD CONDITION without dj.

Description: Report of 29th Meeting, Oration, Transactions of Sections from Mathematics, Chemistry, Geology, Zoology, History,Anthropology, Economics, Engineering, Architecture, Medical Science, Education, Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Botany, Physiology, etc

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