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Book Id: 02anf01462

Price: $18.80

Title: MARY REIBEY - MOLLY INCOGNITA - Emancipist Extraordinaire

Author: NANCY IRVINE - A Biography of Mary Reibey 1777 to 1855 and her World

Publisher: Library of Australian History, NthSydney, 1987, reprint with expanded Preface, 1st pub.1982, softcover 8vo, 161pages, B/W ILLUSTRATIONS, 2 Parts, 11 Chapters & INDEX

Condition:Illustrated softcover with faded title to spine, rubbing to spine & corners, CLEAN & TIGHT in GOOD CONDITION, previous owner's name to frepr.

Description: Mrs Irvine presents the piquant story of the plucky Lancashire lass who went adventuring seeking anonymity as a 'boy', of her transportation to NSW in 1792, her marriage in 1794 to Thomas Reibey, went onto become a successful merchant in 19th century Syd

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Book Id: 02anf01461

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Title: By Gravel and Gum - The Story of a PIONEER FAMILY - SARAH WHITE

Author: NANCY KEESING - Illustrated by Roderick Shaw - GREAT STORIES OF AUSTRALIA Series

Publisher: Macmillan, Melbourne, 1963, First Edition, hardcover 8vo with d/j, 169pages, 3 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS, Illust. Map to endpapers, 13 Chapters & Epilogue.

Condition:Green cloth-bound hardcover with title to spine & frcvr with outline of Aust., CLEAN & TIGHT in GOOD CONDITION, inscription to frepr, slight foxing to endpapers and to a few outside page edges, in a clipped GOOD DUSTJACKET with rubbing & edgewear.

Description: James White was the father of Sarah White, who was born in the 1830's in Burrangong S.W. New South Wales. The story of her life is of brave & remarkable people. She lived to 103 and saw her beloved Burrangong change from uncultivated forest to agriculture

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Book Id: 02anf01460

Price: $24.80

Title: PORT MACQUARIE 1818-1832 PLACE OF BANISHMENT Inscribed & SIGNED by Author Iaen McLachlan

Author: IAEN McLACHLAN SIGNED by the Author

Publisher: Hale & Iremonger, Sydney, 1988, First Edition, hardcover 8vo with d/j, 242pages, red page endpapers, B/W PHOTOGRAPHS, MAPS, LETTERS, Chapters, Appendixes & INDEX.

Condition:Red clothbound hardcover with gilt title to spine, minimal edgewear, Inscribed & SIGNED by author to frepr, slight foxing to endpapers & to outside page edges, CLEAN & TIGHT in GOOD CONDITION in an unclipped GOOD DUSTJACKET with slight edgewear.

Description: Port Macquarie, Australia's third oldest mainland port, was a 'place of banishment' where the worst convicts - those who had committed crimes after arriving in NSW - were sent as punishment.

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Book Id: 02anf01437

Price: $$21.60

Title: RECOLLECTIONS of an AUSTRALIAN SQUATTER 1835-1883 - or Leaves from my Journal - Pioneer and Explorer

Author: W. A. BRODRIBB F.R.G.S., and M.L.C. - Introduction by A. G. L. Shaw of Monash University

Publisher: John Ferguson, Sydney, in assoc. with The Royal Australian Historical Society, 1978, Facsimile reprint from 1883 first pub., 237pp, illustrated endpapers, INDEX.

Condition:Black cloth-bound Hardcover with gilt title to spine, minimal edgewear, no inscriptions, CLEAN & TIGHT in GOOD CONDITION, in an unclipped GOOD DUSTJACKET with slight foxing to inside, slightly sunned to spine & slight edgewear.

Description: The son of one of the few convicts transported to Australia for a purely political crime, William Brodribb spent his boyhood in Tasmania. In 1835 he moved to Sydney to seek his fortune in the unexplored lands of NSW and Victoria.

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Book Id: 02anf01432

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Title: Australian Shipping NORTH COAST RUN men & ships of the NSW coast by Mike Richards 1977 FIRST EDITION ISBN 0908031025

Author: Mike Richards, author, with Four Appendix including list of vessels. AUSTRALIAN SHIPS, NSW Shipping, North Coast Coastal Shipping History

Publisher: Turton & Armstrong, Killara, NSW, 1977 FIRST EDITION, 11 chapters plus appends, rare B/W photos, ships plans, list of ships, Regulations, Further reading

Condition:Crisp oblong-shaped quarto with title to spine & photo-illustrated front cover, no inscriptions, STRAIGHT, CLEAN, TIGHT & ROBUST in GOOD CONDITION.

Description: The history of the North Coast Shipping run: Humble Beginnings; Discovery & Settlement; Ships, Wrecks & Competition; Well-known personnel; Country Branches & Seagoing staff, Allen Taylor & Co; The 1920s; The 1930's; Depression; WWII, end of the coasters

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Book Id: 02anf01425

Price: $not for sale

Title: It Wasn't All Plain Sailing by Chris Hough - Australian World Champion Sailor SYDNEY-HOBART Yacht Racer and Adventurer

Author: Chris Hough SAILING YACHTING & YACHT RACES Australian Seafaring Modern 20th Century Sailing

Publisher: pub. New Holland, Sydney, 2009, FIRST EDITION, softcover 8vo without dj, 262pp., 40 chapters, illustrated with b/w photos.

Condition:Crisp card-bound softcover large 8vo with title to spine & front cover, no inscriptions, in VERY GOOD CONDITION

Description: A well-written autobiography of a country boy who turned his hobby into a passion, and competed in eleven Sydney-to-Hobart Yacht races and became Australia's second World Champion.

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Book Id: 02anf01422

Price: $12.20

Title: The RACV Australian History THE CROWN OF THE ROAD by Priestly 1983 1st Edition hardcover + dj Vic Auto Club CAR PHOTOS

Author: Susan Priestly, historian for the ROYAL AUTOMOBILE CLUB of VICTORIA

Publisher: Macmillan Australia, Melbourne, 1983, FIRST EDITION, hardcover 8vo with dj, 8 chapters, appends., Index, B/W photos, detailed history of the Club and the times.

Condition:Crisp brown cloth-bound hardcover with crisp white title to spine, STRAIGHT, TIGHT & CLEAN in VERY GOOD CONDITION with no inscriptions in a VERY GOOD DUSTJACKET with slight minor rubbing, unclipped.

Description: In December 1903 the Automobile Club of Victoria was begun. This is the history of that Victorian organisation and of the growth of the automobile in Australia.

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Book Id: 02anf01413

Price: $24.80

Title: Norfolk - Bounty - Pitcairn SAGA Hell and Paradise

Author: PETER CLARKE SIGNED by the Author to front endpaper

Publisher: Shearwater Press, Norfolk Island, 1998, second reprint, 1st pub. by Viking 1986, hardcover quart with d/j, 189pages, COLOUR & B/W PHOTOS & ILLUSTRATIONS, Map to eprs

Condition:Brown cloth-bound hardcover with gilt title to spine, slight rubbing to spine & corners, SIGNED by author to frenpr, CLEAN & TIGHT in GOOD CONDITION in an unclipped GOOD DUSTJACKET with minimal edgewear.

Description: On two specks in the vast Pacific Ocean, Norfolk and Pitcairn Islands, live the descendants of the most infamous mutineers in the annals of the sea. The Christians, the Quintals, the McCoys, the Adamses, the Evanses - still speak their own language.

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Book Id: 02anf01407

Price: $16.80

Title: THE LIGHTS OF COBB AND CO. Story of the Australian Frontier Coaches 1854-1924

Author: K. A. AUSTIN - Author of "The Voyage of the Investigator"

Publisher: Rigby, Adelaide, 1967, First Edition, hardcover 8vo with d/j, 228pages, B/W PHOTOGRAPHS & ILLUSTRATIONS, brown endpapers, 3 Parts, 14 Chapters, Bibliography & INDEX.

Condition:Brown cloth-bound hardcover with slight rubbing to spine & corners, no inscriptions, CLEANN & TIGHT in GOOD CONDITION in an unclipped GOOD DUSTJACKET with slight edgewear.

Description: Crisp as a whipcrack and loaded with colourful incidents - bushfires, bushrangers, drought, duststorms, mud, boulder-strewn mountain roads and the wide loneliness of the plains - all in a day's work for the Cobb & Co's drivers. Important historically.

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Book Id: 02anf01406

Price: $48.80


Author: GEOFFREY SAWER LL.M. (Melb.) - With a Foreword by George W. Beeden - SIGNED by JON CLEARY One of Australia's greatest crime writers (his own copy)

Publisher: Melbourne University Press, 1949, First Edition, hardcover 8vo with d/j, 96 pages, 7 Chapters & Glossary of Legal Terms.

Condition:Green cloth-bound h/c with title to spine, rubbing to spine & corners, previous owner's name to frepr (Author JON CLEARY), CLEAN & TIGHT in GOOD CONDITION, slight age-toning to endpapers, in an unclipped POOR DUSTJACKET with tear through spine & foxing.

Description: From The General Structure of the Legal System, Copyright, Defamation, Contempt of Court, Blasphemy etc., to Some General Points for Journalists. Professor Sawer has dealt with this information in a revealing manner with a most informative Glossary.

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